Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to begin a new year with open hearts and open minds! I really want this year to be great and I am starting off by publishing this post because I need a change and I know that the CHAARG community can really help me. This is a little tough for me to share, but I know it will help me, and maybe help some of you!

My name is Abbie and I am a junior, majoring in communications, at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Every New Year, I come up with a whirl of endless promises and goals for myself. These promises last a solid week, maybe two weeks if I’m lucky. In the past, I have promised myself that I will work towards my dream body, eat cleaner, strive for better grades, all the keys to embark on the “new me” journey. I do this every year only to look back with disappointment that I broke such promises with myself. While I am very happy and proud of myself for what I have accomplished in the past, I feel like lately I have been in a “rut” and need a little more help and motivation this year. I believe that this year is different for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is being part of CHAARG.

I have been a VirtCHAARG member since August. I started off great and really determined to reach my goal towards a happier and healthier lifestyle, I even tried to bring CHAARG to my university. However, as time went on I grew incredibly discouraged and down on myself. I lacked all motivation and started falling more and more behind. I grew inconsistent with my workouts and felt lost. I felt so lost and upset with myself that it was starting to affect my everyday life. I started to not want to leave my house, I was always tired, growing more and more insecure and I was taking out all of my frustrations on my amazing boyfriend (God bless him). I decided on New Year’s Eve, when I found myself wanting to stay in bed rather than have a good night out ringing in the new year, that I want and need to change.

In the past I have focused on getting toxic people out of my life, being a better person to others, and things of that sort- but what I seem to forget is the importance of being a better person to myself. I am very negative and harsh on myself. I can see the good in everyone else, but why can’t I see it in myself?

I am starting off 2017 being part of CHAARG and I feel that this group of powerful, strong and confident women will help guide me and be my backbone. I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone, I want to see someone taking pictures of me and want to pose and smile with confidence, not run and hide. I want a better, happier and healthier lifestyle and I know that the women within this community can really help me with that. I am looking forward to bringing in the new year with this community and working towards a “new year, better me!”