Social media keeps getting bigger and bigger- so much that there are now classes to help you grow and improve your platform on social media. No matter where you go social media, “can’t stop, won’t stop” shaping the future. 0JxME.gif


When posting, tweeting, sharing, blogging, etc* you want to be sure to HASHTAG as often as you can (#try #not #to #be #too #agressive), but hashtags are your friend. When using a hashtag you are able to reach certain viewership. By using a hashtag you are able to categorize your content on social media and allows it to become more discoverable and relevant to yourself, businesses, and important people.

(sometimes REALLY REALLY important people…)


 2. Don’t be a robot!

This is incredibly important! When you sound like a robot on social media it makes followers/potential followers lose interest and they will not want to follow you. Feel free to give your social media platforms some personality, being authentic makes the social media worlds go ’round- in case you haven’t seen the countless people/businesses who have gone viral for having some personality to their account- IT HELPS!!!

(Jimmy John’s, Wendy’s, Denny’s are a few examples to check out. They are awesome!)


3. Engage, engage, ENGAGE!

Engaging and responding to your followers is, as DJ Khaled says, a MAJOR KEY. Followers want to be involved with your life (hints why they are following you), so be sure to be responsive. This will add to your authenticity as well. “Your followers are your best PR,” as Dr. Freberg would say, so use it to your advantage!


These are just a few tips I have learned through my social media class with Dr. Freberg that are simple and effective. Hashtags do not lie, if you follow these tips you will find that your social media platforms are sure to be noticed.