The Haunting of the Internet… It’s a real thing.



I remember growing up and experiencing the joys of social media, being able to say whatever was on my mind felt so freeing. Or at least I thought- my mom, however, had a different agenda. She was on top of her social media stalking and monitored every single thing I did. She knew what websites I was visiting, who I was talking to, what I was saying, what I was posting, she knew it all. I remember one of the many times, where I posted the word “sucks” and got grounded from the internet for a week for it. Anytime I posted something dumb or naive my mom was quick to catch it and would forbid me from using the internet for a few days. At the time, of course, I hated her for it. I would see my friends post stuff like that all the time and they wouldn’t get in trouble. So why am I?


I would get so mad and upset at her for being “so annoying and mean” for grounding me for posting words that, to me, weren’t even bad. Each time she would explain to me how “what you say on the internet stays on there forever, it doesn’t matter if you delete it or not, once it is posted you can’t delete it.” I would argue with her each time saying how unfair and unreasonable this was.

Now that I am an adult I just want to send a HUGE thank you to my mom. Because, as always, she was right. What you say on the internet does and will haunt you. I am so embarrassed when I look back and see the things I posted and wonder “what on earth was I thinking?” Because my mom monitored my internet usage so much when I was younger, I am more aware of what I should and shouldn’t post and have an understanding of the importance of how I represent myself on the internet. So thank you mom, for putting up with my naive posts and making me realize the importance of it. Because of you, I have a higher chance of getting a job that I can succeed in. jobinternet