Anyone can be on social media, but not everyone can be an influencer on social media. An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence the opinions or behaviors of others. An influencer’s view on something is in some way significant or authoritative. Using the information from and what I learned from guest speaker, Allison Myers of EatLoveLouisville, I have written what I think is most helpful in becoming an influencer on Instagram.

“To be successful, find something you are passionate about a follow it.” and that is just what Allison Myers did. her love for food led her to supporting local resturants and is now the most followed food Instagram in Louisville. Her tips for us included the “Three C’s.”

  1. Content
  2. Consistency
  3.  Collaboration 

People follow you for a reason, so give them something to look forward to! Consistency is key, Myers shares that she is consisent with just about everything- hashtags, filters and lighting, which is something I never thought about. When people view your profile, it looks clean cut and professional. She also expanded on the importance of collaboration, meaning, get together with people and help eachother out. When you are first getting started you may be doing things for free just to get your name out there and that is perfectly okay, by doing so you are building relationships that will help your future and audience.

According to there are 4 simple ways to becoming an Instagram influencer

  1. Rich content is king  
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Tell a story
  4. Ask yourself “Would YOU like this?”

I find each of these tips to be incredibly helpful, to become an influencer it is important to have rich content. Which means not only what you post but engage with your followers, like their posts back, answer when they comment, don’t ignore them! Be personal and make them feel special, your followers are the backbone to your success. Posting often is good, but posting too often can be lethal. Instead of posting meaningless content for likes, post content that is meaningful and that will make people genuinely interested. With Twitter, content is constantly being refreshed. However, with Instagram, it is vital to choose more wisely as the update only shows few posts so frequency is not a good thing anymore. Everyone has a story. One of the easiest ways to become an influencer is to share your story. Be open about your struggles, obstacles, come backs. People LOVE it! It makes you human and relatable. Another aspect the article on focuses on is “would I like this?” What makes you stop and read, share or click on content?


By following these steps, one is sure to become an influencer in no time. I have found these tips to be incredibly influential and I plan on following them from here on out and hope to become an influencer one day as well!