Social media has done wonders to the sports world, it allows fans to stay in the loop by interacting with their favorite teams and players.Through taking social media with Dr. Karen Freberg and tips from guest speaker Samantha Hughey -former #FrebergAlum who now works for Adidas- I have learned tips for the sports and social media world that I feel could greatly impact a team and their fanbase.

  1. Post things other than the score. Of course, fans want to see the score, but odds are they are either there or already watching it. Including things like fun facts about the players, poll questions for fans, live videos, etc* allows fans to interact and become more engaged with the team. Use emojis for players when you can. For instance, when De’Aron Fox does something good, UK will sometimes use the fox emoji. (weirdly enough, UofL does not have a Twitter for the basketball team). By having fans interact more with the team, their followers are able to see what they are posting and before you know it you followers have jumped up 1,000+ just by word of mouth from fans during one game.
  2. Incorporate other sports. One way you can do that is by having GIFS ready to reply to fans with. This attracts fans of other sports and helps them to understand. Maybe a fan, like myself is watching a baseball game but doesn’t understand a certain call, well if I get on Twitter and see that the team relates it to football, I will have a better understanding.
  3. GIFS are friends. Use GIFS!!!!!!!!! People love GIFS and incorporating them into your posts are major. Anytime Everton Football Club scores, they will post a GIF.
  4. Do weird stuff. Step outside of the box and do things that haven’t been done before. For example, when the New Orleans Pelicans secured a massive trade for DeMarcus Cousins, they made a video mashup of a pelican walking in a park to “every day I’m hustlin.”
  5. INTERACT, INTERACT, INTERACT! Don’t be afraid to talk to fans! Far too often I see teams posting information about the team, players posting things but hardly ever any interaction when fans comment on the posts. Commenting back allows a bond and gets people excited, with that being said, ALWAYS be positive, don’t reply to negativity.