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2017, this is it CHAARG.

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to begin a new year with open hearts and open minds! I really want this year to be great and I am starting off by publishing... Continue Reading →


Put an End to the Trend

Drinking and Driving Isn't Cute Being in college, one of the sweetest escapes is going out on the weekend. Nothing beats starting early by participating in Thirsty Thursday with a group of friends. Some of the best memories made in... Continue Reading →

3 Questions to Better Yourself

Better Yourself with 3 Questions 1. One past experience that taught you a lifelong lesson. About a year ago I hit a rough spot in my life. It felt like everything that could go wrong, was, and it was all... Continue Reading →

15 Life Lessons: As Told By Pixar

Sometimes, life might be getting the best of you. But no matter how many obstacles you are thrown, remember, there is always something to smile about. And let’s face it, you are never too old for a Disney movie. "You're... Continue Reading →


We are all, here In the same boat Searching and trying To find our place In this world. We are trying to find Ourselves Our Happiness Our Passions Our Place In which we live In this world. College is filled... Continue Reading →

Transgender People in American Restrooms

All Americans have the right to peacefully express who they are in the way they choose. This includes people of all different races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Transgender people all over the United States have been fighting for... Continue Reading →

i’m not always okay (but it’s okay)

my life is nutts

Howdy! I haven’t posted on this in 10 months (wow) and quite a bit has changed since then! My goal when I started this blog was to publish a few posts a month, and it makes me sad that I kind of gave up. But there’s no time like the present, so I’m back to take a stab at this whole blog thing! This post is really special to me and I hope that you enjoy!


On Monday, I trapped myself in the quiet study of the library all day to study for my three midterms this week. When I finally came up for air, I checked Facebook and saw the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay trending. Immediately, I felt compelled to make a post on my blog. But just as quickly as the idea came, my fear set in. What will I say? How much will I share? What will people think? Unfortunately, I care about the approval of others far…

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Keep Calm and CHAARG On

Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls What is CHAARG? CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls and is an organization for college aged women that aims to ignite a passion for health + fitness. Why... Continue Reading →

To My Friend Struggling With Addiction

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." -The Great Jimmy Valvano. To My Friend Struggling With Addiction, Life isn't easy. Life isn't easy whether you are a drug addict or not; life is tough. It is a merry-go-round, plus or... Continue Reading →

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